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Our Organization

A short history

Our Foundation started in the early seventies. Courses were given to less-educated people who wanted to help their children with their homework. These courses became a great success later on. The parents were now better able to assist their children with school.

A new target group

However, as the years passed by, a shift took place in our target group, that is to say in the specific needs of our clients. Less-educated parents no longer applied for one of our courses. Nevertheless, more and more foreigners presented themselves to learn Dutch or to improve their current level of Dutch. Most of them were highly educated people who already had taken part in several courses.

Private lessons

The main reason for applying was the students' wish to speak and write Dutch (more) perfectly, or to pass the official State NT2 exams level 1 or 2. Another reason was that they did not fit in too well in a group. In this respect, our Foundation is able to provide individual lessons in complete accordance with the students' wishes.

Stichting Thuis in Taal

  • Dutch lessons
  • inburgeringsexamen
  • qualified teachers
  • individual lessons

Opening hours

Monday till Friday from 09.00 until 17.00 hours.
By exception, lessons can be given in the evenings or on Saturdays.


You can apply for the lessons by e-mail or by phone from September until the 15th of July. After you have applied, we will have an interview with you to estimate your level in Dutch and your wishes and expectations.

Telefone: 071 5 123 069
from 11h00 till 14h30.